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Booking Information

Wee Write! for Schools 2018 - Booking information

All events can be booked now!

All bookings must be made via email at

​Spaces are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Terms and Conditions

1. All events* have a charge of £1.00​ per head for attendees for all Glasgow Schools.**
2. All other events bookings for schools will be charged at the rate of £3.00 per pupil.
3. Bookings will be accepted from Monday 22nd January 2018. All booking forms must be
completed with authorisation from the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher to confirm
agreement that school has been approved to attend and can cover the costs of £1 per head
for attendees. Booking forms without approval will not be accepted and will be returned for
confirmation of approval.
4. All Glasgow Schools will be able to access free transportation to attend their events at the
point of booking via Class Connections.
5. Cancellations of bookings by Glasgow Schools will be accepted, at no cost to the school, up to
ten working days*** before the actual event date.
6. Any cancellations of bookings by Glasgow Schools, with less than ten working days’ notice will
incur a penalty charge of £50.00 for each class cancellation.
7. All cancellations of bookings made by all other schools, within and out with Glasgow, will still
be charged at the rate of £3.00 per pupil, at any point of cancellation.

* with the exception of the Julia Donaldson event which is sponsored by 'Scottish Friendly'.
** Glasgow schools are defined as any establishment directed and delivered by Glasgow City Council Education Services.
*** Working days are defined as Glasgow LIfe allocated working days, which in this instance are defined as Mon - Fri. Non working days are defined as Saturday and Sunday and Glasgow Life established Public Holidays.​

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